Minions of Mirth

I have little experience with online games, but I do enjoy Prairie Games Minions of Mirth, the one time fee of $29.95 for Premium was well worth it. I purchased premium in August 2009. The game is enjoyable but the forums were outdated with many bad links and now appear to be inaccessable.

I had found Cronus’ web site at Minion-Tools to be invaluble in equiping my characters. However, it appears the is offline now.

Minions of Mirth was an MMORPG designed by Lara Engebretson and Josh Ritter. It used the Torque Game Engine and was released by Garage Games for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

The game was a lot of fun and my first exposure to an MMORPG. It had a decent following and many of the players were active for years. A number had multiple accounts. Nearly everyone was happy to help someone new.

Sadly,the twitter and facebook feeds currently indicate the game is offline indefinately as of September 22, 2017. I understand a hard disk died. I guess keeping it running had gotten too expensive.

I recently stumbled on a group talking of a private server for MoM Reborn. Please see the following link for more information:

MoM Reborn

Minions of Mirth Handbook

I'm a little fuzzy on the details since I don't hang out on reddit or Discord. But the client works. It took a minute for my machine to run the installer. If I hadn't already crafted a script to check my criticals, I might try relocating it.

While you can always play Single Player, playing with a group is definately more fun. It is definately worth checking out.

Minions of Mirth pages available on my site:

Critical and Grievous Wound

I wrote a couple of short programs to track my best critical and grievous wounds. If you are interested, please see:

The results:

The programs were written for OS X. However they are easily adaptable to MS Windows if perl is installed. You will probably need to change the location of the data file. Just list characters one per line in the data file to initialize it. The programs only looks at the current log, but store the high values to be compared to future logs.

I currently use them under MinGW.

My primary account:

AraneidNemo40,870MonsterInsect Cleric/Bard/Shaman10/12/11Nov. 2011Maxed Poisons.
BardNemo82,689FoLElf Paladin/Bard/Shaman12/9/105/19/13 Maxed Poisons.
BrigandNemo93,489FoLDrakken Barbarian/Revealer/Thief2/28/127/15/12Maxed Poisons.
CanisMajor117,625136,710Monster Animal Assassin/Druid/Paladin1/18/111/18/15Maxed Poisons.
Clearwind104,546FoLElf Monk/Bard/Ranger4/4/108/13/13
Darkmike103,533101,189MoDOgre Warrior/Druid/Assassin1/28/137/12/13
Daymare103,04980,407Monster Spectre Warrior/Necromancer/Assassin3/3/134/15/13
Dreamscape53,960MonsterEfreet Wizard/Bard/Tempest3/3/133/22/13
ImpishNemo102,752MonsterUndead Wizard/Doom Knight/Druid3/7/102/20/11Maxed Blacksmithing, Armorcrafting, Weaponcrafting, Enchanting, Disenchanting and Alchemy.
MageMike99,720FoLHuman Shaman/Druid/Barbarian2/3/1012/29/12Think this was my first toon online.
MedicMike98,837MoDOrc Cleric/Wizard/Doom Knight7/28/129/23/12Maxed Enchanting, Armorcrafting, Blacksmithing, Disenchanting and Weaponcrafting.
MephiteMike88,261176,818Monster Dragon Monk/Assassin/Wizard11/14/111/9/12Maxed Poisons and Enchanting.
NecroMike65,485MoDDrakken Necromancer/Warrior/Tempest3/1/10UnknownMaxed Enchanting.
SchrodingerNemo236Monster Black Cat Shaman/Monk/Revealer9/11/17
ScoutNemo108,100MonsterRugaru Druid/Ranger/Monk5/11/1211/3/12
ViciousRodent77,572Monster Wererat Warrior/Tempest/Revealer3/7/109/9/13
WarNemo85,909FoLTitan Warrior/Ranger/Tempest9/30/10UnknownMaxed Fletching
WizardNemo101,739FoLElf Wizard/Cleric/Paladin2/9/104/17/12Maxed Enchanting.

And my second account:

Amairgen90,260FoLElf Bard/Druid/Wizard7/13/159/27/15Maxed Enchanting
Aneirin129,371Monster Bisotaurian Lord Monk/Bard/Paladin7/13/155/20/17
BisporusmikeMonsterShroom Thief/Shaman10/6/13
Bricklayer76,831Monster Stone Golem Warrior/Monk/Cleric9/29/135/17/15
Demonstorm16,620MoDOgre Barbarian/Tempest/Cleric7/24/16
Farwolaeth1,618MoDDark Elf Warrior/Druid/Wizard6/3/17
GestasNemo1,819FoLDrakken Warrior/Thief/Monk11/11/16
Godwin84,385MonsterAnimal Ranger/Revealer/Wizard3/8/156/6/15Maxed Alchemy and Enchanting.
GrumpyMike86,875FoLDwarf Warrior/Revealer/Tempest2/25/1310/10/13Maxed Alchemy.
Heirdoom112,643110,627MoDDrakken Assassin/Barbarian/Necromancer4/19/133/23/14
KnightNemo231,542323,981MoDOrc Assassin/Doom Knight/Wizard3/9/149/30/14Maxed Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Cooking, Enchanting and Poisons.
MikesAmory122,444FoLHuman Paladin/Monk/Thief10/14/151/4/16Maxed Poisons.
MikesJack86,214FoLElf Ranger/Revealer/Shaman1/18/169/10/16Maxed Alchemy, Armor Crafting, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Cooking, Disenchanting, Enchanting, Fletching, Poisons and Weapon Crafting.
Mysticnight892MoDTroll Shaman/Barbarian/Doom Knight6/23/15
NemoRex68,032MonsterDragon Barbarian/Tempest/Monk4/7/143/22/15
NemosThief91,183MoDGoblin Thief/Warror/Tempest1/5/148/10/17
NemosVesper15,46616,295Monster Vicious Bat Assassin/Doom Knight/Shaman5/20/17
RaizingNemo174,157103,778MoD Dark Elf Necro/Assassin/Wizard6/27/1511/21/16Maxed Enchanting
RangerMike83,126FoLHalfling Ranger/Wizard/Paladin5/19/1312/9/13Maxed Enchanting.
Tennyson61,609FoLElf Bard/Cleric/Shaman10/21/135/28/14Maxed Alchemy

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