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Minions of Mirth

I have little experience with online games, but I do enjoy Prairie Games Minions of Mirth, the one time fee of $29.95 for Premium was well worth it. I purchased premium in August 2009. The game is enjoyable but the forums were outdated with many bad links and now appear to be inaccessable.

Maps are in short supply. I found one link that had a few maps for the Anidean Forest, Talrim Hills, Mohrum Desert, Mount Zharim and the City of Trinst. The link now appears to be defunct, but I had saved these maps locally. I also grabbed a copy of the world map. Unfortunately, I did not save the attributions. The maps may be useful for some, including myself, so I am posting them here. I hope others find the maps useful.

I stumbled on a map while researching the Minions of Darkness for the City of Kauldur by Magicraoul. He just had numbers and a key on the web page. I wanted labels. I modified the file with actual labels.

Using "The GIMP 2.6," I used a separate layer for the labels. I saved the file as an "XCF" for "The GIMP," exported a copy as a "PSD" for "Adobe PhotoShop," and exported a copy as a "PNG" for those of us who actually use a web browser to view pages and images.

"The GIMP" fails to export comments to the "PSD" file and fails to save layers to "PNG" files, so I made all three versions available. The "PSD" file is untested in "PhotoShop"

I had found Cronus’ web site at Minion-Tools to be invaluble in equiping my characters. However, it appears the is offline now.

I wrote a couple of short programs to track my best critical and grievous wounds. If you are interested, please see:

The results: Minions of Mirth - Best Critical and Grievous Wounds

The programs were wriiten for OS X. However they should be easily adaptable to MS Windows if perl is installed. You will probably need to change the location of the data file. Just list characters one per line in the data file to initialize it. The programs only looks at the current log, but store the high values to be compared to future logs.

My primary account:

AraneidNemoMonsterInsectCleric/Bard/Shaman10/12/11Nov. 2011Maxed Poisons.
BardNemoFoLElfPaladin/Bard/Shaman12/9/105/19/13 Maxed Poisons.
BrigandNemoFoLDrakkenBarbarian/Revealer/Thief2/28/127/15/12Maxed Poisons.
CanisMajorMonsterAnimalAssassin/Druid/Paladin1/18/111/18/15Maxed Poisons.
ImpishNemoMonsterUndeadWizard/Doom Knight/Druid3/7/102/20/11Maxed Blacksmithing, Armorcrafting, Weaponcrafting, Enchanting, Disenchanting and Alchemy.
MageMikeFoLHumanShaman/Druid/Barbarian2/3/1012/29/12Think this was my first toon online.
MedicMikeMoDOrcCleric/Wizard/Doom Knight7/28/129/23/12Maxed Enchanting, Armorcrafting, Blacksmithing, Disenchanting and Weaponcrafting.
MephiteMikeMonsterDragonMonk/Assassin/Wizard11/14/111/9/12Maxed Poisons and Enchanting.
NecroMikeMoDDrakkenNecromancer/Warrior/Tempest3/1/10UnknownMaxed Enchanting.
SchrodingerNemoMonsterBlack CatShaman/Monk/Revealer9/11/17
WarNemoFoLTitanWarrior/Ranger/Tempest9/30/10UnknownMaxed Fletching
WizardNemoFoLElfWizard/Cleric/Paladin2/9/104/17/12Maxed Enchanting.

And my second account:

AmairgenFoLElfBard/Druid/Wizard7/13/159/27/15Maxed Enchanting
AneirinMonsterBisotaurian LordMonk/Bard/Paladin7/13/155/20/17
BricklayerMonsterStone GolemWarrior/Monk/Cleric9/29/135/17/15
FarwolaethMoDDark ElfWarrior/Druid/Wizard6/3/17
GodwinMonsterAnimal Ranger/Revealer/Wizard3/8/156/6/15Maxed Alchemy and Enchanting.
GrumpyMikeFoLDwarfWarrior/Revealer/Tempest2/25/1310/10/13Maxed Alchemy.
KnightNemoMoDOrcAssassin/Doom Knight/Wizard3/9/149/30/14Maxed Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Cooking, Enchanting and Poisons.
MikesAmoryFoLHumanPaladin/Monk/Thief10/14/151/4/16Maxed Poisons.
MikesJackFoLElfRanger/Revealer/Shaman1/18/169/10/16Maxed Alchemy, Armor Crafting, Blacksmithing, Brewing, Cooking, Disenchanting, Enchanting, Fletching, Poisons and Weapon Crafting.
MysticnightMoDTrollShaman/Barbarian/Doom Knight6/23/15
NemosVesperMonsterVicious BatAssassin/Doom Knight/Shaman5/20/17
RaizingNemoMoDDark ElfNecro/Assassin/Wizard6/27/1511/21/16Maxed Enchanting
RangerMikeFoLHalflingRanger/Wizard/Paladin5/19/1312/9/13Maxed Enchanting.
TennysonFoLElfBard/Cleric/Shaman10/21/135/28/14Maxed Alchemy

The Maps of Mirth

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