About Me

Full Name

Michael J. Chappell

Date of Birth

May 23, 1969


replace “.at.” as appropriate.


I'm currently an Automated Examinations Systems Specialist for the I.R.S.

Previous Occupations


I attended Temple University for a few years.


I've owned two Commodore-64s, a Commodore 128, a Tandy 1000 HX, a Packard Bell 80486SX, an HP Pavillion 4450, an eMachine T3256, a Compaq Presario PC SR5612F, an Acer Aspire AM3100-U3401A, several Mac Minis and a Mac Book Pro.

I've worked with Sun and VAX machines at previous employers.

I actually cut my teeth programming a TRS-80 Model I and used TRS-80 Models III & IV in highschool.

I've also acquired a number of PC compatibles and laptops over the years.

Operating Systems

I've used:

Programming Languages

I've written software using Bash, BASIC, C/C++, Pascal, some Fortran and Perl. Some of it even does what is expected.

Software Suites/Editors

In college I learned some basics on Word Perfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and DBase.

Working, I generally use MS Office's Word and Excel. If I can get away with using Notepad or Edit, I will. Actually, COPY CON works in a pinch.

At home, if I need an Office Application, I will usually use Libre Office since it is cross platform.

My programming is usually done in Vim or Emacs.

My website is maintained with Emacs or Vim with a custom Makefile.


My interests include vintage computers, legacy operating systems, networking, numismatics (U.S. coins primarily), and sci-fi/fantasy movies, especially touching on time travel, paleontology, astronomy and ancient Greco/Roman deities. Vampires are always fun. (Enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, pretty much everything by Joss Whedon.)

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