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About Me

Full Name

Michael J. Chappell

Date of Birth

May 23, 1969


replace “.at.” as appropriate.


Correspondence Examination Technician for the I.R.S.

Previous Occupations

Input Corrections for the I.R.S.; Stock Person at various stores in various malls; Salesperson at the Bon-Ton; Did telephone surveys with known and unknown clients; monitored other interviewers on surveys; maintained database with interviewers data; advised interviewers on how to better approach the subject on the phone ocasionally; supervised multiple jobs (somewhat to very unsuccessfully.); Cook at various fast food joints; Dishwasher at multiple restaurants.


Attended Temple University for a few years.


C-64s, TRS-80s, Tandy HX, Packard Bell 80486SX, HP Pavillion 4450 eMachine T3256, Compaq Presario PC SR5612F, Acer Aspire AM3100-U3401A. Mac Mini and Mac Book Pro. Worked with Sun and VAX at previous employers.

Operating Systems

Various forms of MS-DOS starting with version 2.11, MS Windows starting from version 3.1, various version of Unix, BSD and Linux. A little VMS. Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard on the MACs.

Programming Languages

Bash, BASIC, C/C++, Pascal, some Fortran and some perl.


Computers, Networking, numismatics (U.S. coins primarily), Sci-fi/Fantasy especially touching on time travel, paleontology, astronomy and ancient Greco/Roman deities. Vampires are always fun. (Enjoyed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, pretty much everything by Joss Whedon.)

Friday, 22 December 2017   Michael J. Chappell   Contact me at: mcsuper5@freeshell.org