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Minions of Mirth - Sodi Spawn Dates

If you asked MoM about sodi she used to tell you which sodi was up. The mombot has been offline for a while now, but she was a bit confused before she went offline anyway.

The information listed here comes from the encyclopedia. I included regular drops only. Some of the sodi may also drop particular scrolls or drops regular to the plant or animal it resembles - including items such as Bear Meat or Treant Bark. The resists on the sodi are quite high and they are all heavily modded. If you want to farm Treant Bark, you will have an easier time in the Anidean Forest.

Sodi Spawn Dates and Drops

FromToSodiClassesCommonImpossibleVery Rare
Jan 1 Jan 22FowlerRanger/Druid/AssassinVanyaHantaka, PazuShubben's Claws
Jan 23Feb 12MryderBard/Tempest/MonkKuziilavaJhaavaata, Muni
Feb 13Mar 10SkatherThief/Monk/TempestCauraJhaavaata, Muni
Mar 11Apr 1 FrotgardTempest/Necromancer/BarbarianJhaavaataBarbaraah, ZaavaBrimstone Earring, Fiery Greaves, Forgotten Hood
Apr 2 Apr 28Master of HateDoom Knight/Revealer/ThiefKaapathaBodhaka, CauraAxe of Hate
Apr 29May 24MolteethRevealer/Paladin/ShamanBodhakaDaamara, Kavi
May 25Jun 15BortothPaladin/Shaman/WizardDaamaraIndrajaalika, Kavi
Jun 16Jul 7 CarvgarMonk/Bard/NecromancerMuniKuziilava, Zaava
Jul 8 Jul 29FisthCleric/Wizard/RangerRtuikIndrajaalika, Vanya
Jul 30Aug 19MograthNecromancer/Assassin/WarriorZaavaHantaka, Zuura
Aug 20Sep 10MittmaniWarrior/Cleric/RevealerZuuraBodhaka, Rtuik
Sep 11Oct 1 AskaShaman/Warrior/BardKaviKuziilava, Zuura
Oct 2 Oct 27UyariDruid/Ranger/Doom KnightPazuKaapatha, Vanya
Oct 28Nov 18OlfirWizard/Bard/DruidIndrajaalikaBarbaraah, PazuCloak of Concealment, Stoneshard Shoulders
Nov 19Dec 10RackerAssassin/Doom Knight/ClericHantakaKaapatha, Rtuik
Dec 11Dec 31HowlerBarbarian/Thief/PaladinBarbaraahCaura, Daamara

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