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Minions of Mirth - Monster Templates

A put together a list of monster templates available in Minions of Mirth Undead Wars.

Monster Templates

Aged Bone Golem Barbarian 20 Undead Guard Vargol
Araneid Cleric/Bard 70/70 Insect Araneid Thorax
Arctic Cat Warior 20 Animal Mukluks of the Arctic Wolf
Basilisk Thief 28 Animal
Bisotaurian Lord Monk/Bard 40/35 Animal Rhannen Chonir
Black Bear Cub Warrior 2 Animal Big Black Bears
Black Cat Shaman 7 Animal Guard Tramboc
Bone Golem Barbarian 20 Undead FoL, Part L
Carrion Beetle Assassin 30 Insect MoD, Part M: Cube of Torment
Chigger Assassin 2 Insect Chigger Problem
Crocodile Barbarian 15 Animal Crocodile Claws
Crop Insect Bard/Monk 25/25 Insect Crop Insects
Darkling Beetle Assassin 2 Insect
Death Adder Warrior 25 Animal Guard Orgong
Desert Mongrella Shaman 23 Animal Desert Greeting 1
Dust Adder Warrior 21 Animal
Earth Elemental Warrior/Tempest 31/15 Elemental
Efreet Wizard/Bard 85/80 Efreet Purchase Flight
Embodiment of Lord Profane Doom Knight 60 Undead MoD, Part T
Feral Cat Assassin 1 Animal
Fetid Wolf Assassin 30 Animal
Gargoyle Doom Knight 66 Gargoyle Purchase
Ghost Python Ranger/Revealer 58/55 Animal Debar Coluc
Grey Wolf Assassin 8 Animal FoL, Part E
Headless Hunger Revealer/Cleric 40/40 Undead
Hill Giant Barbarian 30 Giant MoD, Part N: Obelisk of Frozen Wind
Ice Fiend Wizard 24 Undead Frozen Shards (Bennia Waln)
Inferior Fire Elemental Doom Knight 7 Elemental
Inferno Assassin/Tempest 57/57 Elemental Tanorus Fire
Kingly Rat Warrior 13 Animal MoD, Part J
Kodiak Warrior 12 Animal Bear Skin Rug
Lizan Mangler Barbarian/Doom Knight 13/11 Amphibian Prisoner Greeting
Lord Tenebrous Warrior/Assassin 73/73 Demon Demons Versus Blightborn MoD Reward
Mephite the Young Monk/Assassin 50/50 Dragon Flight
Morel Necromancer/Shaman 3/2 Shroom
Mummy Barbarian 25 Undead Mummy Tatters
Nightspawn Warrior 18 Animal MoD, Part K
Old Dead Eye Barbarian/Assassin 26/26 Animal MoD, Part L
Padloper Wizard 7 Animal Padloper Template
Polar Bear Warrior 14 Animal Purchase
Rat Barbarian 4 Animal Moat Rats
Rock Snake Warrior 10 Animal Lifting Rocks
Rotting Warrior Warrior 11 Undead
Rugaru Druid/Ranger 75/75 Animal
Salakri the Insolent Barbarian/Tempest 73/73 Dragon Flight
Scorpius Ranger 15 Insect Scorpius Tails
Sea Turtle Barbarin 67 Animal Desert Greeting 2
Shroom Thief/Shaman 54/51 Shroom Annaith
Shroomling Thief/Shaman 51/48 Shroom Outpost Greeting 3 (MoD - 10 Shroom Caps)
Skeleton Warrior 3 Undead Kintch's Skull
Spectre Warrior 25 Undead Purchase Flight
Spiderling Warrior 6 Insect Governor's Mansion
Stone Giant Barbarian 40 Giant MoD, Part O
Stone Golem Warrior/Monk 54/54 Elemental Combat Casting
Thokolu the Deathspinner Wizard/Assassin/Warrior 50/50/35 Insect
Treant Warrior 56 Treant Outpost Greeting 1 (MoD - Treant Problem - 10 Branches)
Vicious Bat Assassin 4 Animal Big Furry Bats Flight
Wererat Warrior 25 Animal Wererat
Werewolf Assassin/Druid 12/10 Animal Blacksmithing,PartIB
Wild Dog Barbarian 2 Animal Wild Dog Flesh
Wood Mite Assassin 4 Insect Infestation
Wyvern Warrior/Assassin 35/35 Animal MoD, Part P

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