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BMP Chips

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BMPCHIPS generate chips for rgbp.txt and grayp.txt is also requires
bmp.stub (first 54 bytes of 64x64x24bit Windows BMP).

rgbp.txt and gray.txt are of format:
red green blue		color_name

for example:
0 0 0			black
255 255 255		white

Compile with:
gcc bmpchips.c -o bmpchips

Run with:
./bmpchips help

HTML4CHIPS generates the bulk of the html code and also reads rgbp.txt
and grayb.txt.

Output should be along the lines of:

chip html    r g b color name with link to bmp
*    #000000 0 0 0 black

Compile with: 
gcc html4chips.c -o html4chips

Run with:
./html4chips help

The rgbp.txt and grayp.txt and edited text files originally from
rgb.txt, I saw no reason to have DarkBlue and "dark blue" so I opted to
exclude the later for simplicity, as some programs won't work with
multi-word color names.  I also excluded colors grey and Grey as they're
duplicates of gray and Gray.

Neither file checks for the existance of required files and on Snow
Leopard it will SEGFAULT upon trying to read from a nonexistant file.
As these programs are generally expected to be run only once, this
should be a non-issue.

In both cases there is only a check for more than 1 parameter.

These programs are simple hacks intended to be used once, with no real
error checking.  I'm releasing them into the public domain.
Latest source is available from: http://mcsuper5.freeshell.org/sources/bmpchips.tar.bz2

Michael J. Chappell 8/12/10
mcsuper5@freeshell.org http://mcsuper5.freeshell.org/

Friday, 22 December 2017   Michael J. Chappell   Contact me at: mcsuper5@freeshell.org