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My Photos (2005)

I took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure on July 10, 2005 and brought a couple of rolls of film. I did'nt quite finish off the second roll.

All photos are 1024x768 JPeGs shrunken from the 1236x696 JPeGs which I recieved on the cdroms with the prints. I reduced the images with ImageMagick's convert. The thumbnails are all 195x110 JPeGs.

All images are Copyright 2005 Michael J. Chappell and may not be reproduced without permission. I am not a photographer (in case it wasn't apparent) and will, when asked, almost certainly grant permission for non-commercial use. If you are interested in the 1236x696 JPeGs, or using any of the images for commercial use we can discuss terms, which may or may not entail compensation.

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