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PAPER version 2.1

This program will allow you to set the wallpaper from the command line, or a batch file.

Just copy this folder anywhere on your harddisk. The file paper.exe does not have any additional dependencies. For information on using the program, run "paper -h" from the command prompt, on Windows 98 run "start paper -h."

This program was developed using Windows 2000 Professional, and compiled with gcc version 3.4.2 (mingw-special). It has been tested on this platform only, but should work in Windows 98/NT/ME/XP as well.

If you find any major bugs or possible exploits that I haven't checked for, please feel free to email me. Please include "paper.exe" and the version number in the subject.

This program is licensed under the GPL version 3, please distribute the zip file or other archive which contains a copy of this README, paper.exe, paper.cpp and gpl.txt.

Copyright July 2, 2007 Michael J. Chappell

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