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Fun With Time

I find Julian dates useful in work for many things including finding the difference between dates and making appointments. Since my calendar doesn't have Julian dates indicated, I said I'd build a web page. Well, this is it.

I figured I'd do it in Javascript. I've limited practice with Javascript, so this is a bit of a hack. I implemented a clock and the default value for the starting date is the current date.

The output, reiterates the date used for computations, indicates the Julian date, indicates the date after it is incremented. Not terribly exciting. Again, it's a hack, garbage in yields garbage out.

Appears to work with Safari, Firefox, Chrone, Opera, QupZilla, and Seamonkey. Does not work with Camino.

Starting date:
Add how many days?

The current time is:

The page was loaded at:

Friday, 22 December 2017   Michael J. Chappell   Contact me at: mcsuper5@freeshell.org