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startup_sh-patch.diff README

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e16.7 startup patch

I noticed the new version of enlightenent 0.16.8 had a few changes, among them the ability to run scripts at startup and a system tray.

Nice features, so off I went to get the new version. It wasn't available as a deb yet, so I figured I'd compile it. It went off without a hitch.

I had trouble with esound not running, I didn't like the new configuration dialog, and hated that they had changed menus around.

I figured, how hard could it be to create a patch to run a script at start up.

Enlightenment will look for a file startup.sh in your enlightenment directory. If it finds it, it will attempt to run it.

$ apt-get source enlightenment
$ sudo apt-get build-dep enlightenment
$ cd enlightenment-
$ cd src

Started browsing source files and added five or six lines and done.

$ fakeroot debian/rules binary
$ sudo dpkg -i enlightenment_0.16.7.2-5_i386.deb

Applying the patch

$ cd enlightenment-
$ patch -Np1 < ../enlightenment_0.16.7.2-startup_sh-patch.diff
$ ./configure ; make
$ sudo make install

Adjust as needed for your local package manager.


Included files


Hey, it's only 7 lines of code. Leave the attribution attached if you use it as is. You might get blamed for sloppy, untested code if you don't.

Monday, 9 January 2017   Michael J. Chappell   Contact me at: mcsuper5@freeshell.org